Annual Update for Certified Energy Managers

An interactive virtual training event, held over 2 days with multiple instructors.

This two-day program is specifically designed to update Certified Energy Managers (CEM) on the most current energy-related trends, strategies, best practices, technologies, and regulations. If you are an existing CEM that needs a refresher, or a lapsed CEM that needs AEE credits to get re-certified, this course is a great place to start.

All attendees are CEM “graduates,” which elevates the interactions between attendees and enhances networking opportunities. There is no homework or exam, which in turn makes this one of AEE’s most “fun” programs to attend. It is also only provided once a year, before AEE World Energy Conference and Expo, which allows attendees to participate in the full conference and expo.

Attendance is limited to ensure an optimal exchange of ideas and best practices between participants.

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