Joining or rejoining AEE

The AEE is a non-profit professional society of 17,000 members in 100 countries.  AEE Certifications are recognised around the world and in many EU Member States not least Ireland’s own Registered Energy Auditor scheme (CEA) and for Measurement and Verification of Energy Savings (CMVP) as well as the Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) credential has become widely accepted and used as a measure of professional accomplishment within the energy management field. It has gained industry-wide use as the standard for qualifying energy professionals both in the United States and abroad.

New memberships

New members usually join via completion of a training course as the first year’s membership is included upon completion.  You can see the latest training courses at and select / filter by Ireland.

To join directly please go to

AEE Certified Professionals Directory

You can check your past and present membership or find another member using the search facility at


The directory response will tell you your ID and allow you to find your user ID and password via member login.

Renewing your certifications or membership

Once logged in you can Renew Your membership.  Separately you can renew your certifications, some members have several – each is renewed separately and must be accompanied by appropriate CPD.

Finding AEE Members for work

To find a member or suitably qualified individual in this country or around the world use the AEE Certified Professionals Directory


Contacts : AEE Center  AEE Ireland Chapter