Cork City Council gains international certification for its commitment

Cork City Council has achieved international certification for its commitment to energy efficiency within the organisation and therefore to reducing its carbon footprint.

The international ISO 50001 standard outlines international best practice in energy management within an organisation.

Cork City Council’s certification was achieved after an extensive audit of the organisation’s energy management system. The achievement assists Cork City Council in meeting national energy efficiency targets of a 33% improvement in energy efficiency by the end of this year and a 50% efficiency improvement by 2030.
Cork City Council  achieved a 31.5% improvement in energy efficiency up to the end of 2018 compared to the baseline year of 2009. This puts Cork City Council 5% ahead of the target glide-path to meet its 2020 target.
It will also contribute to the implementation of the Cork City Council’s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and the Sustainable Energy Climate Action Plan (SECAP).

Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr John Sheehan said: ” Cork City Council has continually invested in energy efficiency projects over the years to help meet our national targets and reduce carbon emissions. One of the standout projects to date is the generation of electricity from landfill gas at the now closed Kinsale Road landfill site. This project commenced the production of green electricity in November 2015 and is expected to continue until 2022″.
In November 2018, Cork City Council Chief Executive Ann Doherty approved the establishment of a cross-departmental Energy Team which played a central role in the effective implementation of the energy management system and paved the way to the certification.

Cork City Council’s Energy Performance Officer and Senior Engineer, Noel Murtagh said: ”The Energy Section of Cork City Council were very happy to work with SEAI and receive this accreditation which will help in the organisation achieving ambitious energy saving targets and assist in the implementation of the climate change adaptation strategy”.